Cultivating mental
fitness to build resilience
in individuals, teams
and organisations.

Performance through Resilience

The Eleos Partnership believes mental fitness is a state of psychological wellbeing, enabling consistent positive action in all areas of our lives. We work with you to develop simple and effective pathways to enhanced awareness, clarity and resilience, all contributing to peak performance for you and your team.

Just as we strongly believe in the benefits of physical fitness, we view mental fitness on an equal footing. With the same approach, care and discipline we can optimise our mental fitness and ensuing resilience. In the way that we view mind and body as inextricably linked, we see our personal and professional lives in the same way; positivity at home will branch out into work and vice-versa, with the opportunity to create an upward spiral of overall mental health.

We believe that the effective implementation of a comprehensive mental fitness strategy is a key function of leadership. This is why we work closely with the leadership of client organisations to develop strategies that enable supportive, performance-focussed cultures by encouraging a ‘whole organisation’ approach.


Mental Fitness &
Resilience Workshops

MHFA Training

Keynote Speaking

Coaching & Support


Applying hard-won insights in an accessible and inclusive way for the benefit of our clients

Through our consultancy, we help our clients to develop strategies that enable them to embrace mental fitness:

PROACTIVELY by building resilience through our workshops and coaching of individuals and teams.

RESPONSIVELY by training their people as Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA).

CONSISTENTLY through relevant education.

TRANSFORMATIONALLY through mindfulness teachings and practice.

We currently advise governments, elite sport and military organisations across the world, as well as leading organisations in the corporate and charitable sectors.

In recognition of the value of our independent thought and views, we are often called upon to deliver talks to academia and give evidence to public and governmental bodies.

“An excessively medicalised approach to mental health fosters a learned helplessness, seeding doubt in the mind of the individual about their ability to endure life without the relentless input of doctors, while becoming isolated from the kind of practical, amateur, human support that in many cases would be more helpful.”

Dr Adrian Massey, The Guardian, 24 June 2019

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