About us

What’s in a name?

Eleos was the Greek Goddess of mercy, clemency, and compassion. The word ‘eleos’ is still used in modern Greek to mean ‘be calm’. This sums up what we stand for: in order for everyone to achieve their potential – in their personal and professional lives – calmness and compassion for self and others is vital.

Where did we come from?

We founded The Eleos Partnership as three friends who share one thing in common; our military service left us with psychological injuries which started to impact our lives of and that of our families. Through self-determination, each of us found our way through these challenges, building a foundation of resilience. We now share a vocation to transform perceptions and attitudes towards mental health. We bring context to our work by sharing our experience of leadership in challenging situations and the insights we have gained through our own recoveries. This journey has taught us humility and compassion, instilling the drive to confront life’s challenges with fortitude.