Alex Lewis


Alex Lewis contracted an extremely rare case of Strep A just over 5yrs ago resulting in quadruple amputation and extensive facial reconstruction. He has since gone on to found The Alex Lewis Trust. He has set up a successful public speaking company where he delivers his talk ‘A Minor Setback’ all over the world. He works closely with various university research projects on the advancement of technology to aid the disabled and the progression of affordable prosthesis. He also finds time to travel extensively setting up wheelchair facilities in developing countries as part of The Wild Wheelchairs Project. Add to that an Interior Design practice and an amazingly supportive family!

“It’s a great honour to be asked by Eleos to sit on their advisory panel. My belief is that our mental health can only be improved by open communication within a strong team, whether it be loved ones, family or colleagues. Taking the first step towards this is where the team at Eleos come in”