Resilience Workshops

How do we overcome challenge, adversity and stress and come through this journey stronger than before?

Our resilience workshops will help your people to adopt perspectives, tools and strategies that will enable them to become more resilient and improve performance in all aspects of their lives.

Mental resilience is the way in which we deal with the adversity, stress and challenges that arise in our personal and professional lives. Rather than just bouncing back, we believe that true resilience is based in the idea that we can grow through challenges, becoming stronger and more adaptable than before.

As a fundamental element of mental fitness, the ability to build resilience is particularly important to those who continually operate in high-pressure situations, where the effects of numerous events can accumulate and impact adversely on the mental health of those involved.

Whilst everyone possesses a degree of resilience, it is possible to build additional layers by employing certain perspectives, mental techniques and psychological skills to assist us in dealing with challenging scenarios.

Our workshops, led by qualified and experienced instructors, will aid your people in developing an increasingly resilient mindset of their own, by introducing and exploring perspectives, tools and techniques that enable such development within individuals, teams and by leaders.

During our workshops, we will explore numerous concepts, including:


The definition and constituent parts of a resilient mindset


Sources of stress


Aids to resilience


Obstacles to resilience


Resilience from a leadership perspective


Our workshops can be delivered in one day or half day formats.

Bespoke Training

We can tailor our workshops to the specific requirements of your organisation, ensuring that we focus on scenarios and circumstances likely to be encountered by your people.