Tim Rushmere QGM

Director of Product Development

Tim had a 14-year career in both Commando and Airborne units in the Army and is a former instructor at the Commando Training Wing and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Whilst recovering from poor mental health himself, Tim has committed himself to helping others develop their mental fitness for optimal cognitive performance. Having led a prolonged self-determined recovery from a largely avoidable 10 year struggle with poor mental health and mental illness, Tim has experienced first-hand the potential complexities that poor mental health can create in daily life and a high-performance culture, especially upon cognitive capacity and good decision-making.

As a qualified teacher, personal trainer, Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach, practitioner in Timeline Therapy™, as well as a  Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Tim has the practical experience and breadth to empathise with personal and collective organisational challenges. He champions the critical role of developing a progressively resilient mindset as the foundation to positive change, building mental fitness and implementing effective personal strategies that enable peak performance.